COVID-19 Relief

Am I eligible for COVID-19 relief?

March 1, 2021

This blog post is intended to provide informational content to assist you with unemployment benefits. Please refer to federal, state and local government websites for official and up-to-date information regarding unemployment benefits.

Depending on your income, employment status and household factors, you may be eligible for pandemic assistance offered by the federal government and your state. 

Bookmark this blog post so that you may refer to it at any time when researching available COVID-19 pandemic relief. 

Pro Tip - Be wary of benefits scams

Before submitting any personal information for COVID-19 relief, confirm the website or resource is trustworthy. We’ve linked more information about scams to watch out for here.

What pandemic assistance is available?

Available pandemic assistance includes:

  • Rental assistance & housing resources
  • Food stamps & meal programs
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Healthcare support
  • & more

Where can I quickly find official sources of COVID-19 relief?

Visit for the latest and most comprehensive list of available government benefits related to the pandemic.

Housing Assistance

Renters may be eligible for rental assistance through their state Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offices. To find out if you qualify:

Food & Nutrition Assistance

Contact your state's social services agency to see if you're eligible for these resources:

  • Additional funding for SNAP benefits
  • Remote enrollment in food programs (rather than in person)
  • School meals available for pick-up
  • Additional COVID-19 related information can be found on the USDA’s website here

Unemployment Assistance

If you became unemployed due to the pandemic, you may qualify for unemployment assistance:

Healthcare Support

During the past year, staying well has become even more important. Manage your healthcare by using the following resources:

Mental Health & Safety Resources

If you or a loved one need mental health support or are experiencing domestic abuse, please use these resources right away.


Today - find out which resources apply to you by using any of the resources listed above. You could save money, qualify for benefits, and more.