Next Day Cash Back: New from Bridge

Sep 22, 2022

Cash back rewards can be a mixed bag. Rotating categories, limits on where or how much you can earn, waiting until the end of the month (or sometimes even the end of the year!) to receive your cash back–all of these rules and restrictions lead to confusion and frustration when trying to earn cash back.

We’ve been hard at work here at Bridge this year to make each member’s experience better and more rewarding, adding new ways for members to make more money. We’re happy to announce our newest way to earn that we think will change the cash back & rewards landscape and help millions make more money without changing their spending habits or who they even bank with. Introducing Next-Day Cash Back on Any Card.

Next-Day Cash Back on Any Card from Bridge changes everything. Now, you can link any debit or credit card you use to make purchases to the Bridge app and earn cash back for purchases you make the very next day. There are no restrictions on where you’ll earn cash back, no limits on how much you can earn or how many cards you can link, and no weeks or months of waiting to receive your cash back.

Spend today, earn tomorrow.

Next-Day Cash Back is automatically earned and is entirely receipt-free. Each morning, just open your app, tap, and claim your cash back on your previous day’s purchases.

The best part? Next-Day Cash Back rewards you on top of any rewards you currently receive with your existing debit and credit cards. There’s no need to change your spending habits or switch cards. Just link your existing cards to the Bridge app, get rewarded, and watch your cash back earnings add up.

Want more?

New cards linked to Bridge for the first time automatically earn cash back on their last two weeks of purchases. This means you’ll instantly receive cash back on every purchase you made with that card in the last 14 days. Have multiple cards? Even better. Link each card and receive next-day cash back on any card you link. At this point, why even use cash?

Start earning next-day cash back on any card

Here's how you can start earning, according to our incredible Member Success team:

The full Help Center article can be found here.  

At Bridge, we’re going to keep finding ways to help you make more money, so we hope you’ll link your favorite debit and credit cards and give Next-Day Cash Back a try. You may be surprised just how much you’ll earn!